Photography by Frank OceanPhotography by Frank Ocean

On the anniversary of the launch of his brand, the musician releases a selection of eye-catching pieces – including a diamond-encrusted cock ring


We’re living through the era of the celebrity brand; against seemingly infinite competition, it’s difficult to stand out. Enter Frank Ocean, who in a new release from his forward-thinking fine jewellery label, Homer, celebrates one year since its inception with a myriad of sparkling new accessories, including the new A-OK icon pendant in eight colourways, earrings, a keychain, and the XXXL H-Bone Ring – a diamond-encrusted 18-karat gold cock ring.

To promote the latest drop, Ocean took to his Instagram stories to share the campaign images shot by the artist himself, featuring a pixelated nude photo of the cock ring being worn, setting the internet temporarily ablaze over the weekend. The piece’s ethically lab-grown diamonds, engineered in the United States, glisten on 18-karat yellow gold against sudsy bare skin. Appearing scanned from a catalogue, the image stays true to the refined art direction of the brand itself.

Inspired by the musician’s “childhood obsessions”, also featured in the drop is the Dogs collection – pendants have a pixelated effect with their frontmost layer fitting together like a jigsaw puzzle and assembled from nano-ceramic blue-coloured sterling silver, which comes with matching silk scarves, rings and bracelets.

The latest collection is available to shop online today, and in-store from August 11 at 74 Bowery, New York City, 100013.


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